Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is Acting?

Welcome to the final instalment of Life of a Theatre Kid!!!
Well, not the LAST last.. but the last one I'll be graded for...
Acting is probably the MOST important part of a show... I mean, without acting, all that would happen is that people would say words and leave. BOOOOORING!!!
Acting is a lot more complicated than that. Acting is feeling something real, and having the audience feel it with you.
Think of your favorite movie, for example... Remember the scene you love the most, the actor behind that scene put all his or her effort into it so would feel real to you, the audience. Know that as an actor myself, I've made people feel, and I've felt things I never knew I could, just because of acting.
To act is to live, and live I shall.
So have a wonderful winter, and a safe new year.

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