Monday, September 5, 2011

But... BUT!!! I LOVE THEATRE!!!!!

Hey all!!! Welcome to my next addition to this edition of my blog!!!
*cue confetti cannons*
Thank you, thank you! To those who've put up with my ramblings so far, you're amazing people. I'm hear, this morning, at *looks at time* 2:54 A.M!!! To talk about something OTHER than theatre!!!!!
I know... It's BLASPHOMEY!!!!!!!! But I think we all need a break, but it'll still be a good topic!!!
Hobby's are a great passtime to have. They can help take your mind off of a stressful show, a bad audition, or just keep you sane. I personally like reading, jewelry making, and volunteering my time, because I have lots of it!
Hobby's don't have to be those things in particular, but those happen to be mine, and happily, I've lost my mind ages ago, though I'd like to have it back someday to put in a jar...
As much as theatre seems to be a hobby, and you love it to death, if you make it work, it's work, and we all need a microvacation from work every so often.
Take a non-theatrical example of this idea. My mother is a doctor. She absolutely LOVES practicing medicine. Even switched majors (from tech to pre-med. I know, BLASPHOMEY!!!!) to persue her dream of becoming a doctor. She would work hard, and come home and tell us about her day as much as the Hippocratic Oath would let her (just an FYI: the Oath is the doctor-patient privacy policy) and would smile if she helped a peticularly sick person get better. After awhile, she would come home haggared looking and snippy. She'd appoligize, but work would obviously be getting to her.
So what did she do???
My mother enjoy's gardening, and we have four small garden plots around my house that are to her credit. She would come in dirty and gross, but her face would be happy and alert again.
So, contemplating not going on vacation to earn more moolah? Try taking a small weekend trip to the fair or the extended family. Or better yet!!! Go to a movie with that special someone! I bet they'd appreciate a romantic date!
That's all for today, Ta chaps!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finding Your Inner Child

Hello, once again!!!!!
I have come to inspire and intimidate you with my excess knowledge of theatre!!!!
Ha ha ha!!! Just kidding!!!
Something I have come to realize is that as we get older, some shows are just to explicit to morally cast children in. So the big kids have to take over the fun stuff.
Finding that happy medium of being an actor and being child like is extremely difficult, especially if you're a serious person. Personally, I never had a problem acting like a kid, though I haven't been casted as one for a while.
Finding your inner child is either gonna be easy or hard, depending on how you learn things.
I like watching people, so I'd go to a park or watch movies with little kids in them who have no idea what they're doing. Others like re-visiting their childhood haunts.
If you're working on the spot, think of how most children act.
They tend to be very fresh-faced and innocent. Like everything is new to them, and for the first few years of life, every experience is the first.
If you have any other ideas, please message me!!!
Until then, PEACE!!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hum Dee Dum... *cough*

Hello avid readers of my blog!!! (I hope!!!) This will be my first, ungraded blog post, and I must say, it is LIBERATING!!!!!
Well, 'tis winter... and with winter, comes extremes... Extreme cold outside, extreme dry heat inside, and, of course, extreme sickness.
Now, you must know that I personally don't get sick all that often, but I've been sick now for almost a month... BLECH!!!
I have been able to breathe out of my nose for about a week now (thank GOODNESS!!!) and earlier today, I regained hearing in my ear from an ear infection.
Health is something that we as a whole take for granted. Since mama is a doctor, she doesn't really care all that much if we are sick, only if we are bleeding, puking, or a body part isn't in the right place. =/
But if you're an actor, health is the way you get a job and keep it. Believe me, I went to an audition, and instead of being casted for a musical, I was put into a lame side-show production.
Don't get me wrong, the show was tons of fun, and I got to work in a space I've never worked in before, but I wanted to be with my friends, and sing and dance on my favorite stage one last time before I had to leave the camp for good.
But I had a horrible case of larangitis, and instead of singing in a alto-mezzo mix, I sang more of a bari-tenor version of the song, and cracking on almost all the notes.
So keep healthy, my fellow actors-slash-competition!!! And hopefully I'll see you on the right side of the procenium!!!