Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finding Your Inner Child

Hello, once again!!!!!
I have come to inspire and intimidate you with my excess knowledge of theatre!!!!
Ha ha ha!!! Just kidding!!!
Something I have come to realize is that as we get older, some shows are just to explicit to morally cast children in. So the big kids have to take over the fun stuff.
Finding that happy medium of being an actor and being child like is extremely difficult, especially if you're a serious person. Personally, I never had a problem acting like a kid, though I haven't been casted as one for a while.
Finding your inner child is either gonna be easy or hard, depending on how you learn things.
I like watching people, so I'd go to a park or watch movies with little kids in them who have no idea what they're doing. Others like re-visiting their childhood haunts.
If you're working on the spot, think of how most children act.
They tend to be very fresh-faced and innocent. Like everything is new to them, and for the first few years of life, every experience is the first.
If you have any other ideas, please message me!!!
Until then, PEACE!!!!