Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is Acting?

Welcome to the final instalment of Life of a Theatre Kid!!!
Well, not the LAST last.. but the last one I'll be graded for...
Acting is probably the MOST important part of a show... I mean, without acting, all that would happen is that people would say words and leave. BOOOOORING!!!
Acting is a lot more complicated than that. Acting is feeling something real, and having the audience feel it with you.
Think of your favorite movie, for example... Remember the scene you love the most, the actor behind that scene put all his or her effort into it so would feel real to you, the audience. Know that as an actor myself, I've made people feel, and I've felt things I never knew I could, just because of acting.
To act is to live, and live I shall.
So have a wonderful winter, and a safe new year.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome!!! This blog is gonna be about the socio-political aspect of certain shows. I'll be talking about two, Hair and Rent.
Hair is defined as a tribal musical, not because it's American Indian, but because its based on the 60's during the Vietnam War. It's all about hippi culture and how it's not always peace and love. Hair was considered a very controvercial musical because of the content, which included excessive cursing, drug useage, sexual actions between people (both gay and strait), and brief, non-sexual nudity.
Hair is also about a man named Claude, who is conflicted as to wether or not to be a freedom fighter, or a peace keeper. He is given LSD laces marijuana, which takes him on a trip, and Claude makes the desicion to fight in Vietnam. The Finale of this musical is so powerful, that wether you're a dove or a hawk, you can appreciate the passion that is Hair.
Below I will include the rehersal video of the Revival Cast of Hair from 2009. ENJOY!!

The next video is an actual performance, which i personally believe is awesome!!!

Next is a far more recent musical, which closed very, VERY recently. Rent has very similar aspects to Hair, actually, due to the fact that it's about living with an internal war. Where Hair was known as the Tribal Musical, Rent was known as Life the Musical. It's about a group of people who's lives are affected primarily, or secondarily to AIDS. Half of the main characters are infected, and the other half tries to live with the fact that they will survive the others.
Here is a video of how fast life can go, in the eyes of Rent.

Next, is a video, about celebrating life, and all its fortunes, misfortunes and suprises.

Until next time, my dears.