Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hum Dee Dum... *cough*

Hello avid readers of my blog!!! (I hope!!!) This will be my first, ungraded blog post, and I must say, it is LIBERATING!!!!!
Well, 'tis winter... and with winter, comes extremes... Extreme cold outside, extreme dry heat inside, and, of course, extreme sickness.
Now, you must know that I personally don't get sick all that often, but I've been sick now for almost a month... BLECH!!!
I have been able to breathe out of my nose for about a week now (thank GOODNESS!!!) and earlier today, I regained hearing in my ear from an ear infection.
Health is something that we as a whole take for granted. Since mama is a doctor, she doesn't really care all that much if we are sick, only if we are bleeding, puking, or a body part isn't in the right place. =/
But if you're an actor, health is the way you get a job and keep it. Believe me, I went to an audition, and instead of being casted for a musical, I was put into a lame side-show production.
Don't get me wrong, the show was tons of fun, and I got to work in a space I've never worked in before, but I wanted to be with my friends, and sing and dance on my favorite stage one last time before I had to leave the camp for good.
But I had a horrible case of larangitis, and instead of singing in a alto-mezzo mix, I sang more of a bari-tenor version of the song, and cracking on almost all the notes.
So keep healthy, my fellow actors-slash-competition!!! And hopefully I'll see you on the right side of the procenium!!!